Storyboards – “Escalation”

Here are some preliminary storyboards for my short film project, "Escalation." I'll be posting the script soon. You can click on the main photo to advance to the next picture or click on the thumbnails below.   The Artist: You can look at more work by the same artist (who prefers to go by the pen name "Rahzzah") at this site. He does beautiful work and was very easy to work with - fast with high quality... and not too pricey. He also had a very filmic style that integrated Read more [...]

Why I’m Here, Why I Came – About this site

About This Site: "I don't know how to run a newspaper, Mr. Thatcher. I just try everything I can think of." - Charles Foster Kane Citizen Kane stated it well – the best way to learn is by doing. The second best way is to watch someone else do it – and it doesn’t matter if they screw it up or do it magnificently. If the process is well articulated, you still have the lesson. This is a "do it yourself" filmmaker blog. In the upcoming months, on this blog, you can watch me screw things Read more [...]