And The Winner Is…

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated. Considering that I just started this blog and my list is still quite small, we had a lot of people participate - 37 sets of coverage! I was only planning on posting the top 10 pieces, but I decided to post everyone's writing. If you submitted coverage and are not on this list, you have my apologies - I posted everything that got to me. Just seeing this many versions of what folks read into my script was wonderful. So many perspectives Read more [...]

Read My Short Screenplay, “Escalation”

You can download and read the short film script I'm producing. It's just 12 pages and is titled, "Escalation." An effects heavy, action genre piece, with some sly humor and a bit of heart, it takes place in a virtual world that is indistinguishable from reality. You can download the pdf file here. Download A PDF File Of The Short Screenplay - Escalation You can also look at some of the initial storyboards by clicking here and viewing the storyboard post. After you've read it, why not Read more [...]